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страви з печі


From ancient times, food preparation was always connected with fire. Around four hundred years ago human managed to keep fire with mud construction, which was prototype of modern wood stove. During centuries, this unique human creation was improving and spreading to many regions of the world – from Europe to middle Asia.

Dishes from stove are carriers of positive emotions they are exclusive and unique. The biggest difference is original taste with flavor of wooden fire with typical for stove golden brown – strong, crispy and flavory.

All natural cooked in wood stove food becomes more and more popular and considers to be a specialty all over the Europe.

We invite you to open unique world of tasty dishes cooked in stove by cooks of Charda Resort. World where unique aura of worms, fire, comfort and family atmosphere is.

In the menu of Charda Resort you can find dishes made in authentic wood stove with warms and love.

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