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Sauna complex

Charda Resort, Uzhgorod



For your recreation and sanitation, Charda Resort in Uzhgorod invites you to visit Sauna complex with Russian Sauna (banya), tub with herbs (Eucalyptus or pine) and salt-water pool.

Sauna from genuine log hut, equipped with all things for your comfort creates fireside comfort, which will impress not only you, but your friends and business partners as well.

Our sauna will give you not only many pleasant emotions but incredible health benefits also.

At your service

  • Steam room with aromatic besoms (oak or eucalyptus)
  • Pool for cooling after steam room
  • Bucket waterfall
  • Room for relaxation with fireplace and forged interior elements


1 Hour Oak besoms
350 UAH 40 UAH

Price covers sheets, tea, lemon and honey

To make your visit fully comfortable and salutary our 100% natural essential oils “Flora Secret”. The substances that contain in essential oils in as little as 20% minutes after their usage will show you their curative virtues.



Mint is a wonderful sedative that can help you to restore your power, relive stress, and will help you to fight depression.



Oil of eucalyptus stimulates regeneration of body tissue, eliminates tumors, and aerates blood. Restores balance during emotional fall, concentrates attention, cleans air, and reduces generation of bacteria. Normalizes performance of oil glands, has lightening power and cures skin after burns.



Fir adds optimism, increases vitality and endurance. Classic natural relaxant in event of stress, neurosis or nervous exhaustion. Stimulates process of thinking. Gives antiseptic effect and clears the phlegm from the throat. Boosts immunity. Effective cardio tonic. Raises blood pressure in case of hypotony. Bolsters and tonics loose skin.


Bathing in a vat is very pleasant and exotic hydrotherapeutic procedure

After bathing in hot pine infusion, you`ll have baby like skin, so soft and tight. Eucalyptus mood will make your immunity stronger even after the first visit. Aroma of these herbs not only make you calm but also relax your nervous system.

After our vat, you can drink linden-blossom tea or raspberry tea that increases sweat production.
Adrenaline rush during contrast bathing improves metabolism.

Taking into consideration only these two factors, when properly used, you can receive weight loss

Price per hour
600 UAH

Price covers sheets, tea, lemon and honey

Minimum session is two hours

Salt-water pool

Except our sauna and aromatic vat, salt-water poll is waiting for you.

Temperature of water in our pool is about 24-24 °C

Important thing is that salt water has natural antibacterial properties, it`s useful for upper respiratory tracts and it doesn`t irate your eyes, skin and mucous membrane. That`s why that pool is going to be good and healthy even for small kids.

Adults Children from 6 to 12 Children under 6
40 UAH 30 UAH Free

Relaxation room

In the bath and vat there is a cozy lounge where you can enjoy delicious dishes of professional chefs who are worthy of the highest ratings and satisfy the most demanding tastes.